We are a brother-sister team and co-founders of IN MEDIAS REZ, a media company based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. In medias res is a Latin literary term that means ‘into the midst of things,’ or ‘starting the beginning of a story right in the middle of action.’ We specialize in brand narrative videos, ethos strategy, and experimental storytelling.​

Rob Lau

visual director, editor

I began making films at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME, while studying Human Ecology. I have explored themes of international art, culture, and well-being through projects with clients including Kamehameha Schools, Kaiser Permanente, Howard Hughes Corporation, and POW! WOW! HAWAII

Emily Lau

story designer, creative strategist

After graduating with a B.A. in English from Earlham College and studying art and music in Turkey and India, I moved to Austin, Texas for five years before coming back to the islands. I am passionate about shaping where the future of Hawaii goes through community development. 

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